Anonymous said: have you ever thought about suicide?

countless times.

Anonymous said: and do you think you're pretty?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Anonymous said: do you consider yourself an unhappy person?

I do. Even tho I fight that back because I actually have a nice normal life, I mean…I should feel happy almost all the time but I don’t and I’m sorry for that, can’t really help feeling like this…some psychological issues of mine that I’ve been fighting all my life. 

Goodbye Tumblr…you made me feel like absolute shit

I’m still deciding whether to delete or just stop posting on my tumblr account. But the reason why I’m doing it it’s because I’m done with feeling like absolute shit every time I come around here. So yeah, I have BIG self esteem issues and for that it’s better to stay away from this. I might just do another one but this time very carefully organized so I can stay away from crap that makes me feel suicidal and just not okay at all about myself. So yeah.